West Auckland Glendene Learning Steps Childcare Centre

Learning Steps​​​​
 Childcare Centre

4170  Great North Road
Glendene ,Auckland

​Phone:09 836 1985

Our Story

We are group of passionate educators provide full day and sessional education and care for children, from 3 months to school age. The multicultural nature of the local community of Glendene in West Auckland is reflected in the children and families attending the centre. Our centre caters for up to 50 children per session, includes 10 children less than the age of two years.
Meet The Team
Centre Manager
  Kia Ora
I am Ashmeeta and I am a fully qualified with Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (ECE) and certificated teacher. I have been teaching for 15 years in the ece sector.
Teaching is my passion and I love to make a difference in every child’s life. I love to see children develop into their own unique, personal being. It is important to empower children’s learning by building good relationship with their families, community, and sharing knowledge to grow alongside them.
However, my role as a centre manager and an administrator I still enjoy the childcare environment and seeing the satisfaction on everyone’s face.
Infant Teacher
  Kia Ora,
I am Nalina and I am a fully qualified certificated teacher. I have taught in Primary schools, preschools, toddlers and now I am enjoying my time in Infants and toddlers area.
I believe children are gift from God and entrusted to us by parents. In partnership with parents I am dedicated to developing each child’s full potential by providing outstanding early childhood care and education.
The good life is one inspired by none and guided by knowledge and I do believe in making a difference. 
Infant Teacher
  Kia Orana, 
My name is Florence  and I am of Cook Island Maori decent. My late mother Vaine was a devoted ECE teacher for most of her life. Following her footsteps into Early Childhood wasn’t thought upon often, but I now share the same joy and passion she gained from this line of work.
I have been privileged to work alongside a driven team of ECE teachers for the past 2-3yrs and it has been such a growing experience.
I’ve always had a warm heart towards children & caring for them, which is why I enjoy what I do. The core of who I am bases from my belief in God.
I also believe that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and that we are all his children. This knowledge helps me to stay motivated in my job as an Early Childhood educator. 
Meitaki maata. 
Toddler Teacher
My name is Akesa. I hail from the Beautiful Islands of Fiji.
I am a qualified, provisionally certificated teacher and currently working towards gaining fully certificated. I have graduated with Bachelor of Education form University of Auckland in 2015.
I believe that life is all about gaining knowledge and sharing what we learned with others. I also believe that Diversity is an asset to every learning environment where each child has some sort of knowledge to share with peers.
My goal as an Educator is to provide children with a rich diverse environment where they feel safe to explore, initiate learning and feel free to express themselves.
Vinaka, Thank you.
Toddler Teacher
  Kia Ora, Bula, Namaste,
My name is Rajeshni and I am originally from Fiji. I have been in New Zealand for the last 10 years. I graduated with Bachelor in ECE in 2013 and have been teaching ever since.
I love to educate the young minds. I believe in providing an environment that is fun, challenging, stimulating and aesthetically pleasing that encourages our young children to become confident and capable explorers.

Preschool Teacher
My name is Crystal. I'm a qualified and certificated ECE teacher. I enjoy being with kids and hence I chose the ECE profession. 
I believe that children learn best when they feel safe hence I prioritise respectful relationships with children and parents have an open minded approach to all cultures and religion.  I like to support children to grow into confident learners and therefore I keep myself open to learning so that so I embrace a diversity of strategies to work with.
Thank you 

Preschool Teacher
   Kia Ora,
 My name is Michelle and I am a fully qualified and certificated teacher. I have been teaching at Learning Steps for 4 years.
Teaching is extraordinary. It is the only field where I have had the opportunity to change children’s lives and futures every day. Teaching has given me an opportunity to learn and grow.  Continually working with young children has taught me to open my mind and heart to embrace joy, grow emotionally, socially and intellectually. I will cherish each and every teachable moment with a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.
“It is the supreme art of a teacher to awaken the joy in creative expression and knowledge” Albert Einstein

Centre Chef
  Kia Ora
My name is Amber. I am a qualified chef and I have a passion to plan and cook delicious, nutritious and healthy meals.
I am fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time with the children who on occasions help prepare for the meals. I enjoy creating yummy meals and seeing the smile and satisfaction in children.
I enjoy nurturing children’s health, hygiene and their wellbeing.
I also enjoy painting and creating beautiful art around the centre.


Why we are unique

Our long term qualified staff:
We have passionate, experienced and dedicated teachers who provide quality care and education for children. Our teachers are NZ qualified or are on the pathway to qualifications.  Our teachers are first aid qualified 

Better teacher to child ratios:
Our caregiver to child ratio is 1:4 for babies ,1: 8 for toddlers & pre-schoolers.  These ratios are higher than ministry requirements resulting in better care of your child.  

Our Environment:
Our friendly, home like environment. Our open door policy grows strong partnerships between parents and teachers. Our large playground provides an opportunity for different age groups to play and interact together in turn which stimulates their learning. An environment where community and multi-cultures are respected, valued & involved in your child’s learning journey. Each area is designed to include stimulating resources and activities that are full of fun, inspire learning and build confidence.

Nutritious meals:
All our meals are planned using NZ heart foundation guidelines and are cooked by our chef in the centre. 
Special emphasis is made on 5 plus a day fruit and vegetables .Our menu takes into account children’s special needs, for food allergies or special dietary requirement. If you have or any cultural or religious dietary requirements, please let us know and we will adapt to suit. 

Our fee Policy takes into consideration the specific needs of parents.Talk to us if your child needs to be picked up or dropped off.  We offer flexible hours to fit in with the needs of the family.
Ongoing teacher education:
We invest heavily in the continuing education and professional development of our educators enabling us to provide quality education to your child.We employ specialist consultants who visit centres on a regular basis to provide support to centre staff. 

We carefully select our resources to make learning fun, educational. 
Our resources are open ended where children are encouraged to use their imagination, hence fostering creativity. All our resources are age appropriate

Portfolio folder:
Your child will have a folder for the time they are at our childcare centres. This book shows the learning and development your child has made while at the centre 

West Auckland Glendene Learning Steps Childcare Centre